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Conference Room

This formal conference room is perfect for groups with up to 8 people. 

Helpful included accommodations:

  • 3 Whiteboards
  • Zoom Conference Call Video and Audio
  • Clickshare (Share your laptop screen on 70" wall monitor)
  • Mini-Fridge


Formal Office

This office is ideal for a small group of 2-4 that need a formal workplace. This can be used for meetings, as private workplace or can be for conference calls.

Helpful included accommodations:

  • White Boards
  • Zoom Cart can be brought in for a conference call

Second Floor Offices 

Click here to see the retractable walls space options

This space has retractable walls that allow for 4 rooms of up to 8 people as well as the middle space between them all..

Helpful included accommodations:

  • All white retractable walls are white-boards
  • Conference Call capabilities


The Labs space will soon be an open meeting place for groups of 4. It is in the middle of our Labs which allows for testing all types of technology.

Helpful included accommodations:

    • Monitors
    • Computers
    • Cables (Power, HDMI, Ethernet, Etc.)


    The Patio 

    The Patio is a new addition to the RGI Work Environment and comfortably seats 2 people.

    Helpful included accommodations:

    • Chairs and Table
    • A feel-good mood thanks to the sunshine



    The Phone Booth

    The Phone Booth is a small huddle room that is ideal for phone calls and relaxing..



    Zoom Mobile Cart

    The Zoom Mobile Cart is a portable conference assistant. It can be brought into any 1st-floor room or open space and allows you to share screens, have a video conference call, and can be used as a digital whiteboard.

    Helpful included accommodations:

    • Touch-Screen Monitor
    • Video and Audio for Conference Call
    • White-Board features
    • Clickshare (Share screens)
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