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Behavioral Impact Through Design

RGI helps organizations expertly extend their messages into the physical spaces where they interact with their business, consumer, and public audiences. From industry events to retail environments and museums—every space has the power to make an impact, tell a story, and build brand equity. We design and build environments and displays by identifying the unmet needs, desires, and underlying motivations that, when activated by design, unite people with our clients, change their behavior, and transform their perceptions.

Project Stories


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RGI Labs

Not all work has to be done "at work" and we show this in RGI Labs. We use outside opportunities to test new ideas and to promote creativity to those of all ages.  
See our RGI Labs take on Brite Winterfest by clicking the "Watch" button below!


In the world

The Chronicle-Telegram | JVS Carpentry Students work with the City of Elyria and RGI to create a new Safety Town building

WKYC Cleveland | RGI's Sarah Shuster-Tucker discusses transforming the local landscape through art + design

Brite Winter Festival | Interview with Ryan Gerber

Crain's Cleveland Business | RGI has its designs set on 'impact' of its customers

NASA | GSFC Honor Award - Outreach Team

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Who says work can't be fun? 
We work together everyday to bring new ideas to the table that we have never done before. Thanks to our designers and builders working as a team, we get to see our ideas come to life from the initial thought all the way to the final build.

Through collaboration, we design and build new ideas every day. We work with and within the community to bring the fun and excitement of our work into the outside world.


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