Interior entry façade

Touchscreen information kiosks 



Connections between people

Expression of vibrant community identity


Located at the intersection of three culturally rich Cleveland neighborhoods, Cleveland Public Library’s Rice Branch is optimally situated for community fusion.  Despite its advantageous location, observational studies and interviews with staff suggested that the space did not invite desired interaction between the library’s demographically diverse patrons. 

In response to this evidence, RGI engineered an interactive meeting place designed strategically to draw patrons together in space, time, and conversation. Invoking the magnetic properties of technology, RGI designed digital interfaces to disseminate community news across two touchscreen monitors. One monitor stands at child-height, inviting students from adjacent Harvey Rice campus to engage during after school visits. Reflective materials take on a mirror-like quality, evoking transparency, boundlessness, and perspective taking between neighbors. The main panel’s woven, architectural form represents interconnectedness. The layout encourages forum and the mingling of neighbors.

The installation at Cleveland Public Library’s Rice Branch actualizes the library’s purpose as a conduit for shared experience and the exchange between community members.

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