We are RGI Creative. Space is our medium.

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We accelerate business and culture through the design of environments, exhibits, and experiences.

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We activate brands in their physical spaces, designing unique experiences to guarantee success in marketing and sales.

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We help organizations create spaces for people to learn and engage with their cause, so that they are more successful in creating a culture shift.

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We designed and built our own space intentionally, to practice what we preach.

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We believe that every space is made better with friends.

Our partner network gives us the ability to focus on what we do best and quickly engage trusted experts as needed. When our clients can do the work, we collaborate with their internal teams to keep costs down. Our ability to maintain a small, skilled team and a range of other disciplines just a phone call away makes projects more successful and cost-effective for our customers.

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We make spaces that influence people and achieve strategic objectives.