Store signage and graphics

Design and fabrication







Store Graphics and Hanging Signage

As a leader in the sales of recreational vehicles and RV accessories, Lazydays is a company devoted to providing not only RV products and services, but also experiences.


Having multiple stores, Lazydays moved into a larger building to accommodate their ever-growing RV accessories segment. Lazydays brought in RGI to activate the feeling of the RV lifestyle through graphics and signage in the space. RGI designed signage and graphics that reinforce a sense of leisure, freedom, and home in the outdoors. Surrounding customers with the imagery and visual textures of the RV lifestyle galvanizes a sense of belonging at Lazydays and motivates a sense of identity with the brand. 


The store environment is highly relevant to customers and is a place where when they look around, they know they’re living the RV lifestyle. The retail environment encourages participation, enables customers to gather information, and provides a space to dwell within the lifestyle that they are seeking.

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