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The Customer Conference Center (CCC)

Lubrizol Additives (LZA) recently took a new approach to its CCC training program. CCC's main objective is to attract and retain customers by providing local, interactive training and gold-standard professional development in the additives field. The program boasts a modern curriculum delivered by company veterans, supported by a host of hands-on and digital components. Up until recently, the CCC program was available from only two locations, one from Lubrizol world headquarters in Wickliffe, Ohio, and the other from Hazelwood, UK. Recognizing that customer success and care for local markets are important extensions of the brand promise, LZA launched Customer Conference Centers in China, Japan, Singapore, and India. 

RGI designed the physical environment to catalyze the learning process. Modular conference room features help instructors deliver content in multiple styles, including lecture, small group, breakout activity, and polling modes. The adjacent Interactive Learning Center features hands-on demonstrative components, including large and small engine cutaways and augmented reality features that work together to illustrate the training curriculum’s key principles.

Research during the design development phase revealed opportunities to align local values with global brand values in the graphical treatments and amenities. The result is a globally consistent but culturally responsive brand experience and a unique aspect of CCC engagement. Location-specific considerations ensure that every customer will experience a high degree of personal satisfaction and come away from the CCC with a strong professional connection to the brand.

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