RGI Photo Booth

Everyone loves a photo booth, and RGI's green screen photo booth replaces the static background of a traditional photo booth with any background imaginable! Artwork, event themed imagery, sponsor logos or brand graphics represent only a few of the possibilities when it comes to filling the photo booth with unique imagery for an unforgettable experience. The green screen photo booth supports guests’ interactions with your event, your brand, your sponsors, one another, and the entire experience is captured in a photo they’ll keep forever.


The Concept

You might be wondering, "Why did RGI make a photo booth? They're not a photo booth company!" Well, we do it because we are really good at making environments and we wanted to make one that was designed to make people smile. The amazing thing about smiling is that it actually makes people feel good (smiling releases a little thing called endorphins). And the more people smile, the more likely it is that they will make other people smile (that’s called “emotional contagion”). (We do our homework!) The photo booth is an example of Behavioral Impact Through Design at work, making people smile, get creative, and let loose their inner-kid. Not to mention, it allows us to connect with our community and other organizations through creative events!

Who's Using It?

You're next!

We lend the photo booth to approved events free of charge and see it as great deal for everyone. It gives us an opportunity to connect with our community and educate people about Behavioral Impact Through Design. We ask in return that you support our visibility by promoting the photo booth before, during, and after your event, and by recognizing RGI as a creative sponsor.


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