Multi-sided display wall

360° video ribbon




Enhanced understanding of complex product information

Increased leads


The Integrated Architecture (IA) Wall

In 2014, Rockwell Automation debuted a brand new tool for educating and exciting event-goers to its annual event, Automation Fair. The Integration Architecture (IA) Wall was once a two-sided wall, which displayed a selection of Rockwell Automation products in real-world configurations. In recent years, the product selections and configurations have become increasingly complex, and Rockwell Automation began to recognize the opportunity to tell a broader, more intricate, educative, and exciting narrative.  

A 360° video ribbon crowns the booth at 20 feet off the ground, making the booth identifiable from almost anywhere on the show floor. The video tells big picture stories about the impact of integrated architecture. The visual impact is impressive and draws people in by piquing their curiosity. Below, booth visitors can see products configured in nine life-like product application panels and also take virtual tours of each product, using the nine 70-inchtouch screen interfaces mounted adjacent to the product panels. RGI helped organize product stories into three categories, making it easy for visitors to recognize content of interest. One visitor noted that he wanted to “run up to the monitors like a kid” to see all that they can do. 

The wall is a useful tool for Rockwell Automation product engineers on the show floor to literally walk customers through products stories and capabilities. The experience is just as accessible to the self-guided visitor, with 10 audio presentations loaded onto Android tablets.

The interplay of real and virtual content creates a fun, multi-sensory, and educational experience at Automation Fair. The new IA wall has increased leads 80% from 2013 and provided Rockwell Automation with significant, positive feedback from event-goers.

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