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Rockwell Automation On The Move

Rockwell Automation On The Move (RAOTM) is a mobile training event that spends six months a year on tour in North America. The event reaches 15-16 locations per year with one- and two-day training sessions in each location, reaching 5,000+ customers annually. The event is totally free to guests and routinely proves to have one of the highest ROIs of all Rockwell Automation annual events. 

RGI manages the design, fabrication, and maintenance of all RAOTM physical components—from equipment displays to lab manuals—along with many aspects related to the transportation of these assets. We work hand-in-hand with Rockwell Automation marketing specialists to understand the audience in every location and tailor each experience.

Taking Rockwell Automation on the road means repackaging all the exclusive features of bigger events—world-class experts, technology, information, and amenities—and taking it to customers’ doorsteps. The quality and accessibility of truly local programming demonstrate commitment to customers and position Rockwell Automation as a true partner in customer success.

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