Product showroom

Conference + meeting space

High-end/modular design + build



Audience exposure to innovation process

Meaningful interaction with products, process, and talent




The Innovation Showroom

RGI and SmartShape Design teamed up to produce SmartShape’s Innovation Showroom, a permanent exhibition space in Cleveland’s Global Center for Health Innovation.

The Innovation Showroom gives clients and visitors an in-depth perspective of SmartShape’s innovation process. With models on display alongside products and solutions, interactive ergonomic drawings, a 3D printer to illustrate prototyping, and talent on hand to demonstrate, guests have the opportunity to envision the innovation process in detail and witness the ways that SmartShape's design solutions enhance patient and caregiver experiences.

RGI helped SmartShape develop a design intention for the space, seamlessly expressing SmartShape’s unique brand and meeting its user experience requirements for the space within the architecture of the Global Center. The RGI team advised SmartShape through a value engineering process, recommending strategic design modifications, materials and finishes, alternative layouts, and designing and building modular displays. Value engineering ultimately reduced the production costs of this project by around 50%, while preserving the high-end look and feel of the space. Modular displays significantly extend the life of the showroom by making its components portable, reconfigurable, and easy to repurpose.

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