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Stroller Test Track

RGI and Toys ‘R’ Us are bringing a first to the baby retail industry—a place to test drive strollers, one of the most important products new parents will purchase. Talk to anyone who has recently purchased a stroller or is researching the market and you’ll find that it’s one of the tougher buying decisions for new parents – strollers are expensive, can be a force of convenience or frustration, but most importantly, the stroller must be safe.


The Toys ‘R’ Us Store of the Future is a family lifestyle destination offering unique product narratives and experiences for adults and children alike. It’s a dreamy space, designed to delight. The Stroller Test Track, with its playful park benches and stroller parking zone introduce an element of playfulness to take the edge off stroller buying. More importantly, its curbs, crackly bricks, bumpy grass, and plank boardwalks give people a space to maneuver strollers in a lifelike environment. The differences between products, like the smoothness of the ride, turning radius, ease of use, and even road noise become apparent on the surfaces of the Test Track; whereas the products demonstrate little to no contrast on a typical, smooth retail floor. 


The abundance of sensory information provided by this retail environment empowers customers to make highly informed purchases, building brand equity and trust. 

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