Shwegadon Pagoda, Myanmar

Where space entices and inspires people

Shwegadon Pagoda beckons tourists and pilgrims alike to revel in its glittering splendor. The 325-foot tall Buddhist stupa is covered in gold and encrusted with diamonds, honoring the four divine relics housed within it. Like all stupas, the shape of the Shwegadon Pagoda was designed to look like the seated Buddha, with a spire crown, a square head, a vase-shaped body, and steps representing folded legs. Devotees use the pagoda's terraces to perform the Buddhist ritual of walking around the temple in meditation. Shwegadon Pagoda isn't the only golden stupa but it's the most revered in Myanmar, "The Golden Land." It has become a national icon and its enticing sparkle attracts and captivates people.