Superkilen, Denmark

Where space unites people through shared experience

This nearly half-mile long urban park is a playground for people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. Bright colors and curious textures distinguish the three different parts of the park. "Red Square" provides unique and modern recreation opportunities, including music and a cafe. "Green Park" contains rolling, verdant knolls for picnicking and play. At the center of the park is "Black Market," where fountains and benches encourage neighbors to meet. The entire park is filled with objects from around the world. Swings, benches, fountains, plants, and more have been sourced from far corners of the world, creating a cultural patchwork of experiences for park-goers. The variety of experiences, cultures, and aesthetics represented in Superkilen send a deliberate message about Copenhagen's value of diversity and mission of inclusivity. The result is a park that welcomes all to enjoy.